Aveling & Porter
6 NHP Steam Roller

Current Status

This Roller has not been fired for some years, however, when last in use it was fully functional and used in the construction of an extended driveway on the property next door to its current location. The boiler will need re-tubing and as can be seen from the photograph re-lagging also. Please e-mail for further information and detail regarding current condition.


History and Provenance

This 6 NHP compound roller ( 4 1/2" and 6 7/8" cylinders with 8" stroke ) was purchased new from the importers, Noyes Bros. (Melbourne) Pty. Ltd. by the Latrobe municipal Council in 1927 and worked continuously within the shire until 1963 when, after the completion of road reconstruction between Latrobe and Devonport it was consigned to a children's playground in the Apex Park in Latrobe. This was a joint community project by the Latrobe Rotary and Apex clubs. A portion of the Works Order Register made out to Noyes Bros can be viewed by clicking here. The current owner is in possession of a complete copy of Works order number EO 1151 which includes not only the roller but additional associated equipment.

The Roller was recovered from the playground in 1970 by replacing it with an appropriately restored traction engine more suitable for the purpose. To effect this changeover the current owner had to obtain permission from all members of the service clubs involved in the playground project as well as the Latrobe municipal Council. With permission granted, the specially constructed playground traction engine was towed into place and the Aveling and Porter roller removed to its new home at Sassafras where it currently resides. Both traction engine and roller were towed some 6 km along the highway behind a tractor with the aid of a specially constructed A-frame towbar.



Having been in a playground for some years, quite a bit of work was needed tidying up and restoring the ravages of myriads of enthusiastic children. However, no major work was required on either the boiler or running gear.