Marshall Portable Engine

Current Status

Although the nominal horsepower of this single cylinder Marshall portable engine is uncertain, it is obviously very powerful, having a 10" cylinder bore and 12" stroke. The boiler requires re-tubing and re-lagging but otherwise this engine is in remarkably good condition considering the amount of work it has performed over the years. please e-mail should you require further information regarding the current condition of this portable engine.


History and Provenance

Originally purchased by Yeoland and Freeman to power their sawmill at Middleton, north east of Hobart in southern Tasmania, it has almost exclusively performed as a saw milling power source during its working life. It résumé includes service at a sawmill in Oyster Cove, south of Hobart and eventually, from 1949, at Frankford, Rubicon River and Don sawmills on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Historic information would seem to indicate that apart from several different owners, the engine was frequently moved to different sawmills as required.

Prior to its purchase and removal to Sassafras in 1970 by the current owner, this Alliance Portable was used for a number of years as a steam source for a series of hothouses at a nursery at Don Heads west of Devonport. Until a boiler tube failure some years ago this engine was regularly fired up and run, however, one could only imagine how it would have sounded under full power in a working sawmill.



Apart from a good cleanup and paint job only minor restoration work was performed on this engine in the early 1970s.